Meryl Streep is sexier than Megan Fox, and you can quote me!

August 18, 2009

And I don’t mean because talent is sexy, or wisdom is sexy, or whatever. I mean that Meryl Streep exudes real and actual sex in three dimensions, and Ms. Fox, sadly, does not. I am toying with the term “sexual simulacrum” right now… if I can pull this together into an actual analysis, you bet that you will be the first to know.

That is why I want to see It’s Complicated (link to trailer). Am I totally comfortable with the casual use of internet terminology, “It’s Complicated” as a reference to the Facebook relationship status? Do I like to hear Alec Baldwin say “OMG”? No ma’am I do not. From a young age, I have had a very strong sense of age appropriateness. As a small child (let’s say between 3 and 5), I was very inquisitive about all things. If I saw a blues album cover in my dad’s record collection, I would ask “Why is that man sad?” If we watched a movie in which the leading lady dumped her obstacle fiance or boyfriend to be with the leading man, I would ask, “What happened to the other guy?” (Answer: an intriguing concept for a less-intriguing film.)

But I digress. I also used to ask my dad why an adult would wear a t-shirt or a hat with Mickey Mouse on it, because Mickey Mouse was for kids. This happened, I think, at Disneyworld. He explained because it was fun, because they liked Mickey Mouse too, and according to him, I chewed over the idea and found his answer unsatisfactory. I still do not like to see children act like adults, or adults act like children. My sensitivity to unseemliness verges on British, and acting your age is the only way to be, well, seemly. I think. And social networking: for young people. Over forty, you better be using that Facebook page to post baby pictures, or else I am stamping you with “unseemly” right on your cyber-forehead. You dig?

Anyway, I really want to see this movie anyway and am confident it will be much more enjoyable than Meyer’s previous endeavor into post-menopausal romantic comedy, Something’s Gotta Give, which both me and my mom found disappointing and somewhat embarrassing. (Before you judge… I’m not an ageist… I watch “The Golden Girls”…)

This movie, however, looks very promising, and not just because I am a 30 Rock/SNL buff. It is Ms. Streep: when I think of Meryl Streep as a young actress, I think of her in Manhattan, Kramer vs Kramer… sort of playing these cold, distant beauties. But now, when I see her on-screen, in this trailer or in Julie and Julia, she projects this incredible warmth! Now, even when she plays bitches like in The Devil Wears Prada, you cannot help but detect there is a tender heart beating beneath that icy rib cage. She’s a woman who projects both maternal and youthful energies on-screen (and at once!), and I think this will be a marvelous vehicle for her. Pardon my gush.

That is why I am tremendously optimistic for this movie, in spite of its title. All I’m saying.

UPDATE: Apparently this “Meryl Streep” woman has caught on with people other than me. What do you know?

UPDATE 2: Just adorable. More “Sesame Street” segments to come, I promise…


3 Responses to “Meryl Streep is sexier than Megan Fox, and you can quote me!”

  1. Mike Glass Says:

    . . . but Annie. . . who thinks Megan Fox is sexy?

    (that’s right, I read your blog)

    • annieberke Says:

      I am shocked that you read my blog — shocked. (And a little pleased.)

      Yeah, I don’t know who says it. Maxim magazine and its general readership?

  2. Jess Says:

    Megan Fox’s character in Transformers got put on the list (which list? THE list) of top 25 most important female sci-fi characters. That is incorrect. They should not have done that. And I didn’t even see Transformers (but I hear that they are robots in disguise)

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