Suppose you read this article…

August 19, 2009

Double Indemnity is one of the greatest film noirs ever made, and this is a great article about it. You should read it. What the author does not mention in the article is how shooting a woman from below, as Wilder does in this scene, is not very flattering: makes the hips look wider, among other things, and if you’ve seen those paparazzi photos of heiresses and starlets taken from the gutter, you know how invasive that kind of shot is too. So, that’s something to think about: our femme fatale is meant to be sexual without being sexy, sort of crude, you know? Anyway, Stanwyck is a very brave, not-vain actress, and that is just one reason why I love her. (Trivia from IMDb)

And watch the clip too… and if you are pressed for time, start from 4:34. Impeccable noir banter. I adore it.

This is for your cinematic education, kiddies.


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